Hearsay: Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Jar Jar Say:Eisley So Smaht

So everyone’s giving HearSay shit for not mentioning something about the Eisley show at Ridglea Theater last week. (For you cavedwellers, Eisley is this hot new emo band out of Tyler — they’ve been in Rolling Stone, and they’ve just signed to the Warner Bros. label; all the scenesters are talking about the band ... except HearSay, of course.) Well, here’s your friendly columnist’s two cents: In the Metroplex, there are at least 30 non-major-label bands and performers (Flickerstick, Doosu, John Price, OH-no, Collin Herring, Woodeye, etc.) that blow Eisley outta the water. Having seen the band at SXSW and walked away completely underwhelmed, HearSay vowed to let the Eisley bandwagon roll on by. One good song — and that’s about all Eisley has up its sleeve — just can’t be enough to make a band. The thing they got going for them is their backstory: handsome brothers and beautiful sisters, getting along together over keyb’s and drums and guitars. How lovely. Their sound is mature, way mature for their collective age, but are a mature sound and good looks really all that matter? (God, don’t let anyone know HearSay just asked the stupidest question ever.) The moral of the story: It helps to be young and pretty ... and desperate. (All musicians, no matter what they tell you, are desperate for a major-label record deal.) You can see the acrimony piling up as Eisley records its WB debut. Let HearSay get the story outta the way, just for the record: Eisley records debut, nothing happens, Eisley gets dropped, Eisley either breaks up or changes its name, Eisley becomes cult phenom and stays that way for good. The End.

Your columnist will spend a week wearing an Eisley tour shirt if this band ever goes anywhere; like, if the band headlines American Airlines and sells it out. HearSay’s willing to shake on it.

Local Roundup

A Million Pounds lives! — or so sayeth guitar virtuoso Darrin Kobetich. One of Fort Worth’s classic math-death-metal outfits will be back on the boards in a few weeks. Their first gig will be with Garuda at the Wreck Room in late July. We’ll keep you posted on specifics ... Got-damn San Francisco: First, it took Southmouth’s Jamie Myers, now the city by the bay’s absconding with Brasco frontman Kevin Aldridge and Firelight Artist Management’s Jed Peters (John Price, Collin Herring). Westward-bound Aldridge is following his wife (who has taken a promotion out there), while Peters is going there to build a record label. Here’s to unfettered success for both ... In his fury to arrange most things aesthetic with the music awards, Weekly associate editor Anthony Mariani forgot to mention in his Music Awards wrap-up the fact that Me and My Monkey won the award for Best Cover Band. HearSay, picking up Mariani’s slack, would like to congratulate the boys of this Beatle cover outfit on their victory.

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