Letters: Wednesday, May 1, 2003
Where’s Tex?

To the editor: Regarding Betty Brink’s article on the Fort Worth mayoral race (“Holy & Rollin’,” April 24, 2003), since residences on Crestline Road between Alta and Merrick streets are well within Fort Worth city limits, the wealthy Fort Worth family patriarch [Tex Moncrief] who is not supporting his kinsman for mayor most certainly can vote in the upcoming election. The area in which he resides, the Rivercrest/Arlington Heights neighborhood, has been confused with Westover Hills a bit further to the northwest. Further, campaign monies for candidates for city office can come from either inside or outside of the city.

Betty L. Giddens

Fort Worth

Editor’s note: See correction on this page.

Getting Over Iraq

To the editor: On behalf of the 22.6 million Iraqi men, women, and children who were not murdered or even severely inconvenienced during the recent American victory of arms in their country, the 50.4 million Americans who voted for George W. Bush in 2000, and the 260 million citizens who are fortunate enough to live in the greatest country on the face of the planet, I would like to take this opportunity to ask Michael William Harrison (Letters, April 24, 2003) exactly when he intends to get over it.

Russ Pric


Jube’s a Jewel

To the editor: I’ve never written to a newspaper before, but felt I had to respond to the article Nancy Schaadt wrote on the Jubilation Restaurant and Club (“Miller Time,” April 3, 2003). After 20-something years, this small jewel is finally ready to bloom. The new owners of the Jubilation have taken a smoky bar and turned it into a clean place where you can join your friends, enjoy live entertainment, have a few beers, and relax. It hardly resembles the establishment that was there a year ago.

Ms. Schaadt’s perspective that they are a bar trying to be a restaurant is totally opposite of what the regulars know it to be — a great place to have a good time with friends. Yes, they have changed the menu a few times, but the quality of the food keeps getting better. There is a fresh clean look inside and outside the club, and I applaud the owners for going the extra mile on all the details. They put in a new dance floor, a private room with a large Harley Davidson mural, new pool and shuffleboard tables, and the air has even been cleaned up.

Ms. Schaadt’s review seemed especially critical and made it clear that she didn’t talk to others at the club. I expected a little bit more — or, should I say a little bit better from the Fort Worth Weekly. I will continue to patronize a business that is trying to do what is right — and bring my friends along as well.

Lois Matus

Fort Worth

Local Music Lives

To the editor: I read the article “HearSay” wrote about local writer Malcolm Mayhew (March 27, 2003). I don’t really care about how Malcolm kisses, which one letter-writer did (Letters, April 10, 2003), but I do care about the local music scene. Maybe that’s what his problem is — he is too busy with other things to get off his ass and go catch a real local (yes there are local bands worth seeing in Fort Worth) show. I agreed 100 percent with what HearSay had to say. I do, however, hate how HearSay loves to talk about himself in third person. My advice to Mr. Mayhew would be to go out and see some bands and maybe your girl wouldn’t have to try and save your ass with an un-witty letter to the Weekly.

Tricia Hardin

Fort Worth

Editor’s note: HearSay writes in the third person in order to keep at least a few people in town guessing about the writer’s identity.

TCC Coda

To the editor: About a year ago you all ran an article on Dr. Leonardo de la Garza the chancellor of Tarrant Community College (“A Tall Ivory Tower,” Jan. 31, 2002). In that article a wonderful woman named Dolly Worden was criticized. Our dance company was also brought into the picture. I would like to thank Dr. De la Garza for hearing the voices of the dancers and our public, by letting us perform at Will Rogers Coliseum. We cannot thank him enough. I would also like to thank Dolly Worden for her devotion and support to our company. You are truly beautiful people, by making it possible to follow our dreams. Thank you also to Fort Worth Weekly for being there for people to voice their opinion.

Misty Hurley

Fort Worth

Corrections and Clarification

•Cathy Hirt supporter W. A. “Tex” Moncrief lives in Fort Worth, not in Westover Hills as reported last week (“Holy & Rollin’,” April 24, 2003); U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s name was also misspelled in the story.

•In an April 24, 2003, Static item (“Playing it Safe”), it was incorrectly stated, based on information from a source at the school, that both students involved in the assault at Nolan Catholic High School were suspended. In fact, only the assailant was suspended, not the victim.

•Former CareFlite pilot J.R. Schmidtke was chairman of the CareFlite Pilots’ Union last year. His title was given incorrectly in the “Care Fright” story of March 20.

Fort Worth Weekly regrets the errors.

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