Letters: Wednesday, December 26, 2002
Uplifting Art

To the editor: Am I the only one that sees that hunka junk penetrating the air in front of the Modern Art Museum as the most phallic-looking object to come along in ages? I first saw it shortly after installation as I drove by on Camp Bowie. I almost lost control of my vehicle, I was that nonplussed. Placed so that it is clearly visible from the nearby boulevard, it seems as if the “powers that be” for the MAM are saying to the city, “Up yours, Fort Worth!” (Remember, the public turned down the pet project of an influential museum voice — a traffic circle at the intersection of Camp Bowie and University Drive.) I can only wonder how long it will be before local wags have rechristened that monstrosity as “Maid Marion’s [friend].”

Sidney S. Louis

Fort Worth

Keeping the Heat on Murder

To the editor: I read with interest the article “Cold Case Firefight” (Dec. 5, 2002). My interest stems from my own efforts to solve the 1974 murder of Carla Walker, featured in your paper on April 25, 2002 (“Murder & Obsession”).

Like Hector Carrillo, I, too, contacted the Texas attorney general’s office, as well as the Texas Rangers a few years ago. This was done only after I felt the Fort Worth police did not plan to provide any help to the family of the murder victim. Failing to obtain any help from either of those agencies, I turned to the news media. There was a lot of attention to the Carla Walker murder over the years, and it was named the 1974 story of the year by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

All who were involved then in the investigation of Carla’s murder are now retired or deceased. After I retired in 1986, the police department slammed the door in my face, and an order was issued not to provide me with information. I continued my efforts after retirement and was able to provide information that helped solve a rape in Abilene and set free a man wrongfully convicted of assault in Fort Worth. Both these crimes were committed by the person I suspect murdered Carla Walker.

The citizens of Fort Worth, especially victims’ families, should have the best efforts by those now holding the responsibility of solving cases, both current and those from years past. The Walker case is now in the hands of the Texas Rangers, who have formed a new Cold Case Unit, featured in the July 7, 2002, issue of Fort Worth Weekly (“Heating Up Cold Cases”). It is a known fact that police departments have more cases than investigators can handle. For that reason, they should welcome anyone who is willing to help, especially retired people with experience and time to contribute. Authorities should be made aware that closed doors and lack of interest will not be accepted. If anyone has information about the Carla Walker murder, please contact me at johnatfw@swbell.net.

J.F. Terrell

Fort Worth Police Department, retired

Fort Worth

To the editor: Robin Fletcher, when you graduate or even before, we will give you all the information to prove that Tim Curry is, at best, incompetent (Letters, Nov. 28, 2002). It will be copies from the district attorney’s own office. Tarrant County is longing for someone to start printing what elected people are really doing.

Also, Tim Curry is no more a Republican than Al Gore is the creator of the internet. Wake up, Republicans — you are being made fools of, by people who change from being Democrats to Republicans just so they can win. The Star-Telegram and Channel 11 will not tell the public what these elected people really are doing, so voters will vote blindly, not knowing what kind of person they are voting for. Thank God for Channel 8. Republicans, it is time to be smart enough to vote a split ticket. Terri Moore is more Republican than Tim will ever be.

Robin, there is no time limit on murder, and these cowards that hit Chad from behind have only fooled their mother and dad. Our investigator told us that dad had always trained the boys to hit and run. Also these cowards, in less than a year after Chad died, hit another boy, also from behind. What does that tell you about these boys? A lot of remorse, don’t you think? They also had threatened the boys who overheard them say they were going to get Chad. But did Tim Curry do anything? Hell, no. They say they can indict a ham sandwich. But they can’t indict a murderer. That is what Tim Curry really is, a nothing district attorney. He has turned our great city into a haven for criminals. By the way, what are criminal lawyers like Don Gandy doing on Tim Curry’s steering committee? To me that would be a conflict of interest.

Do not move here, or the same could happen to you.

Robert Houston

North Richland Hills

The Beauty of Turkeys

To the editor: The highlight of my newspaper reading ritual is the once-a-year Turkey Awards [Nov. 21, 2002]. Beautiful shit, especially about the Arlington public transportation thing. Hey, Taxman Bill, what do you mean public transportation would bring in welfare cheaters and criminals? There are already more of them, and of druggies, in the Big A right now than there are in Haltom City, Azle, and Johnson County combined.

As for citizen Eric, I’ll bet you’re the kind of guy who can’t stand the other races moving in on you. Well, check this out. There are already poor and sad-looking people in the Big A, except they’re not standing on street corners with bus schedules in their hands. They are the ones who look sort of pasty and nauseous in their SUVs. Maybe if some of you could pry that cell phone off the side of your ass long enough to drive 25 or so minutes west you might run smack into the real world or at the very least a real town. Arlington — the only strip mall in America with a city limit signs and traffic lights.

William Bryan Massey 3

Fort Worth

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