Letters: Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Letters to the Editor

Novation Replies

To the editor: It’s too bad that Fort Worth Weekly provided such an incomplete and dishonest view of group purchasing organizations (GPOs), and of one of the area’s best places to work, Irving-based Novation. In “Hijacking at the Hospital” (Nov. 23, 2005), Mr. Lastra got so many facts wrong, it’s hard to know where to begin.

But let’s start here. Healthcare GPOs help hospitals with their greatest challenge — controlling costs without compromising care. Hospitals control skyrocketing supply costs by pooling their buying power through GPOs, which help the hospitals obtain better pricing. And the truth is that hospitals always have the right to — and often do — buy supplies directly from any manufacturer.

Hospitals state that GPOs help ensure that patients benefit from innovative medical technologies by helping hospitals save money while purchasing these expensive items. At Novation, the door to innovation is wide open. Novation has an accelerated technology review process that helps us negotiate lower prices on the latest FDA-approved medical technology for hospitals. Even so, some device manufacturers are reluctant to work with GPOs since it means lowering prices on devices they want to sell at a premium.

We’re proud of the role we play in helping America’s not-for-profit hospitals save money on the supplies they need to provide patients with greater access to higher quality care. Hospitals are asked to provide unlimited care on limited budgets, and GPOs help hospitals make the most of their budgets.

Jody Hatcher



Editor’s note: As reported in Pablo Lastra’s story, there are many who disagree with the idea that group purchasing organizations save hospitals money. And one device manufacturer told Lastra he wanted to sell his products to Novation at a considerably lower price than Novation wanted to charge hospitals for it. The story was picked up by the NewsGems web site (www.newsgems.blogspot.com), which features “the best in U.S. reporting.”

More Tommy’s Fans

To the editor: I just wanted to say I was shocked to read the article about Tommy’s Hamburger Grill written by Dan McGraw. I have been eating at Tommy’s since they had their train restaurant by the lake. It has always been great food and great service. Tommy’s newest location is no exception. Shame on Mr. McGraw and Fort Worth Weekly for allowing such remarks. I hope Ms. Smith seeks legal advice and cancels her advertisements with the Weekly.

Kimberly Harris

Fort Worth

To the editor: Evidently Dan McGraw and I do not go to the same Tommy’s on West Seventh Street. Since their glorious return I’ve been there at least a dozen times, and the burgers are as exceptional as always. Only once was the service a little slow, and that was due to the fact that there was only one server, I assume due to illness in the staff. I can’t comment on the fries as I am an onion ring man. But I heartily disagree with Mr. McGraw as to the burgers.

Bill Lee

Fort Worth

Stop the Wrongs at Carswell

To the editor: Regarding Betty Brink’s story on the Carswell federal prison for women and the abysmal healthcare that pervades the compound (“Hospital of Horrors,” Oct. 19, 2005): How can guards and so-called professionals be allowed to circumvent and usurp state and federal mandates with impunity? Because no one wants to “whistle-blow” and possibly jeopardize their career and the fringe benefits offered them for guarding and taking care of prisoners. Lackadaisical performance is the norm, and their favorite pre-emptive strike against culpability is “we’re overworked, underpaid, understaffed, and/or under-trained.”

Ensure that these practices are stopped. Pass legislation and see that it is vigorously enforced — put some teeth in the federal law. The crimes committed upon some of these imprisoned patients are nothing short of abuse and official oppression. The criminals ought to be arrested, tried, and convicted (perchance to serve their time at Carswell).

Delores Taylor

Fort Worth


The online comedy defensive driving course mentioned in last week’s cover story (“Comedically Incorrect,” Nov. 30, 2005) was incorrectly identified as part of Hyena’s Comedy Night Club. It is owned by another company, in Dallas. Also, The Bob and Tom Show is not aired by XM Satellite Radio but syndicated by WFBQ-FM, Indianapolis. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the errors.

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