Letters: Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Curran’s Non-Fan Club

To the editor: Jimmy Fowler’s gushing article on Charlie Curran (“Loving Dissent,” Jan. 11, 2006) shows little understanding of the Catholic faith and even less of fallen human nature. Curran is a proponent of situationalism where there is no moral absolute except the fad of the moment.

I found it interesting that everyone quoted in the article was a dissenter. One suspects Fowler had an agenda, part of which was Catholic-bashing (except for the right kind of “progressive” Catholic who advocates birth control, abortion, sodomy, etc.).

Anyone with eyes can see where Curran’s philosophy leads. Women experience a wide range of physical and emotional damage after abortions. Recent news reports indicate that “the pill” causes a decrease in women’s libido that may be permanent. Sexually transmitted diseases are epidemic.

In fact, subsequent events show that Pope Paul VI was a prophet when he condemned contraception in his encyclical Humanae Vitae (Of Human Life) and warned that governments would use it to coerce their people. China’s forced abortion, forced sterilization in many third world countries, the mandatory child limit being considered in the Philippines — all show he was right.

Fowler’s portrayal of Curran’s “faithful activism” is laughable. Charlie is an architect of disaster. Ask the depressed 19-year- old I counseled at a crisis pregnancy center who has incurable herpes after 33 sexual partners. Or the young 26-year-old mom whose husband pushed her into an abortion that almost killed her and left her permanently sterile. (It killed the marriage.) These are the “fruits” of Curran’s philosophy.

Certainly, some will praise Curran for giving them a rationalization for breaking God’s laws. They are the ones who break, however, illustrating the truth of God’s law by the consequences they suffer.

Mary Ann Kreitzer

Catholic Media Coalition

Woodstock, Va.

Help for E. R.

To the editor: I’m here to help E. R. “Debbie Downer” Bills stop being so “terrified” about the state of the world (Second Thought, Jan. 11, 2006).

As a Southern Baptist Democrat (huh?!) about to vote for Kinky (Go Kinky!), may I offer this outing to a fellow earthling:

1. Go get a copy of Woody Allen’s book Without Feathers. Quit walking in lockstep with all the Sedaris siblings’ worshippers and go read something really humorous, written back “when Woody was funny.” Without Feathers is full of pieces previously printed in The New Yorker and references dense Russian authors — think how that will impress the hipsters down at the coffeehouse!

2. Get on your car/bike/flip-flops, put Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” on your solar-powered c.d./cassette tape/8-track player, and begin heading to No. 3. (Bring Woody along.) Listen to how great Green sounds; it’s the best-sung song ever recorded — good luck trying not to sing along! It makes pseudo-soul wailers like Mariah Carey and R. Kelly sound like steaming piles of Brokeback Mountain hatas!

3. Arrive at Kincaid’s on Camp Bowie. While you mosey up to the register (resist picking up the newest Fort Worth Weekly!) among a groovy, diverse group of area folks, rejoice that here’s a local, independent eatin’ joint that’s so fantastic. Order a cheeseburger (don’t wuss out with the junior!), french fries, and a Coke. (Yeah, Coke is produced by an evil corporation but you’ll get ’em in a minute.) Stand at a counter, munching that chemical-infested monster, chowing on luscious grease-infested fries, and chugging that wondrous, yet-sugar-infested Coke. Read some of Without Feathers while you eat and try not to weep at how good everything tastes. When you’re finished, go get a Coke refill — that’s puttin’ it to the Man! — and just look and listen to the humanity around you. Yeah, there’s some rich folks talking about their new kitchen and some too-loud TCU snobs, but you’ll also hear plenty of good things that will cheer you up. Head back to your mode of transportation and go to ...

4. Ben and Jerry’s. You’ll really feel better ordering something from such a politically correct institution (but don’t expect a free refill!). Read some more Without Feathers and laugh again. Next:

5. Find a curb and sit down. How do you feel? A little dizzy from gorging, singing, and laughing, probably. And just maybe a little bit better, especially if you vomit a tad.

“Life is what you make it” sang some singer/group whose name I can’t remember and don’t feel like looking up. Bills encouraged “one person” to make a difference, and I hope I’ve done that for him. However, if he still feels the need to hurl himself into the “sea of bitterness” of Eagle Mountain Lake (it’s a little low so he’ll need a running start), please call the Azle News first so we can get a photographer out there.

Mark K. Campbell



The Jan. 18, 2006, cover story “School for Profit” included several errors.

Donna Garner is an English teacher not a reading teacher. She is retired from public school teaching but still teaches in the private sector. The correct name of the former superintendent of the Richardson school district is Vernon Johnson. And Joe Neeley was incorrectly identified as a former employee of Voyager Expanded Learning.

Fort Worth Weekly regrets the errors.

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