Letters: Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Paws Off

Paws Off

To the editor: Tell Justin McWilliams (“Bright Lights, Big Fights,” April 5, 2006) that Riverside had life years before he did.

Justin McWilliams and Jason Miller have the bright idea that they are going to make us a “village.” We’re better than a village, we’re a community. We are people who still bring soup to the sick and funeral food to the bereaved, and we actually know each other’s names.

These guys have a “big idea,” and that’s great, but they are newcomers and we have lived here for a lot of years, so their big idea doesn’t impress us.

We love people to come to Riverside, bring their family and stay awhile, but keep their money-grubbing paws off of our way of life. If they want bright and shiny, brand-new, go to Southlake.

Phyllis W. Allen

Fort Worth

Hollywood Bites

To the editor: I think it’s sad that E.R. Bills has to get himself and his family all worked up over a B-grade Hollywood disaster movie (“Reality Bites,” May 3, 2006). The Hollywood elite make exorbitant amounts of money off of the general public and then turn around and shake their fingers at us — as if what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. Dennis Quaid, the star of The Day After Tomorrow, owns a personal jet in which he flies back and forth from Los Angeles to his ranch in Montana. Imagine that. The actor stars in a film about the end of the world as we know it, then hops in his multi-million- dollar jet that cost thousands of dollars an hour to operate, flies to New York for a tv interview with an ecologist, and talks about how average citizens are burning too many fossil fuels and it’s ruining the atmosphere.

Imagine John Travolta’s very own Boeing 707, which he parks at his home in Florida — right next to his Gulfstream jet. A publicist for Travolta is quoted as saying “He uses the 707 as the family van; the Gulfstream is his sports car.” If John gathers up his family for a trip to a favorite restaurant , the plane probably burns about 30,000 gallons of fuel for a round trip, with those four giant Pratt & Whitney turbofans spewing smoke into the stratosphere the whole time.

I agree with many of the points that Bills made about pollution and over-population. However I wish he wouldn’t use a Hollywood movie to scare the hell out of his children. At least think about the hypocrisy and bias of the Hollywood elite when they make movies such as The Day After Tomorrow. The human species has been on this planet for the past 2 million years. That’s just a blink of an eye in cosmic terms. I think it would be safe for Bills to tell his children that worldwide catastrophe isn’t just around the corner. However, conservation and education are steps in the right direction to curb the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Chris Black


Investigate Carswell

To the editor: Thanks to Betty Brink and her continuing crusade to let the public be privy and aware of their loved ones and friends who may possibly be suffering the consequences of being incarcerated at the women’s federal hospital at the old Carswell Air Force Base, run by misogynists.

Brink’s latest article (“Taking the Cuffs Off at Carswell,” May 3, 2006) ought to hit pay dirt, now that there’s sufficient personal experience from a judge and a former head physician who practiced at the compound. Dr. Guthrie took a giant, compassionate step in getting the interest of the inmates’ health, safety, and lives to the public’s eye, and possibly to the nation’s highest court. Closing the Carswell facility would be the benevolent and judicial avenue of action. It’s obvious that the present “caretakers,” from the warden to the head physician, are in collusion to protect their paychecks and each other, sitting on their supercilious perch of impunity. Time to knock them off it with a prison sentence of their own.

I’m sending a copy of the “Brink Report” to both my U.S. senators representing Texas — Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn. If enough folks contact their representatives in Congress, it might save lives. Let’s follow through to end the incubus hovering above the Carswell facility!

Kelli Jones

Fort Worth

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