Letters: Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Recruitment Response

To the editor: Thanks for the excellent, well-researched piece by Jeff Prince, “Get ’Em While They’re Young,” (May 10, 2006) about military recruiting and counter-recruiting efforts in Fort Worth. I found especially interesting the recruiter who “denied using hard-sell techniques,” and then promptly transformed into an aggressive salesperson when students walked by his table. I think this contradiction exemplifies the “tell it like it isn’t” pitfalls that recruiters inevitably share with a government administration characterized by deception.

Applause to students and parents who have expressed their concerns to school administrators about aggressive and deceptive recruiting tactics. And to the group Peaceful Vocations for their balancing outreach to students. A counterpart in Austin is Nonmilitary Options for Youth (www.progressiveaustin.org/nmofy), a group of students, parents, veterans, and activists who, along with members of Youth Activists of Austin, have been meeting with our school district officials in an effort to create a policy similar to Fort Worth’s.

Even with certain restrictions in place, it will be important for all those who attend, work in, or visit schools to be attentive to what recruiters are telling students and to speak out if there are concerns. If we want young people to become conscientious, nonviolent, creative, self-disciplined adults, then we must try our best to make sure their adult influencers are not promoting the opposite.

Susan Van Haitsma


Hockey Fans Cry Foul

To the editor: Bravo to Dan McGraw for providing a clear, balanced, and informative perspective with his “Bye, Bye Brahmas” (May 24, 2006) article. As a long-time minor -league hockey fan, I’ll miss the Brahmas being in our city. As a long-time Fort Worth resident, I found the revelations about the negative way the current city council and staffers conducted business with the Brahmas to be eye-opening. Why’d you take our fun away, Fort Worth?

Sarah Green

Fort Worth

To the editor: One million kudos to Fort Worth Weekly for “Bye, Bye Brahmas.” It is nice to have all the facts come to light and also to get out on paper the many lies we’ve heard. We thank you for your help, time, and consideration in learning the facts and bringing them to the citizens of Fort Worth.

Mary Bradford

Fort Worth

To the editor: It’s a sad day for Fort Worth when the city drives out one of the only reasons my family goes to Fort Worth. As a Denton county resident, and not a fan of rodeo, I found our trips to Fort Worth to watch the Brahmas reasonably priced (compared to watching hockey in Dallas) and found the city was very receptive.

Now it appears I have no further reason to spend money in Fort Worth. If I didn’t know better, I’d think those guys had worked out a deal with Frisco to boost their revenue in the area of minor league hockey. What’s next? Are you going to force out the Cats, too? Please rethink this whole deal. Don’t let a few council members destroy hockey in Fort Worth.

Harry Owens


To the editor: I am rather disappointed that the Fort Worth Convention Center and the city council were unable to come to an agreement with the Brahmas hockey organization. As a season ticket holder, and owner of a local business that gave tickets to customers for the games, I have lost a public relations avenue. I am an avid hockey fan, with season tickets to the Brahmas. This decision will have my customers and me driving to Dallas to see the Stars. I know the money that my customers and I spend is not significant, but it will be going to Dallas now instead of Fort Worth. What a shame!

Jeff Lester

DFW Camper Corral

Fort Worth

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