Letters: Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Regard the Vanguard

To the editor: I thought Jimmy Fowler had nailed it (Music Awards, June 7, 2006) with this opening sentence: “The term ‘avant-garde’ can be literally translated from the French as ‘vanguard,’ meaning people who lead the way in a particular art form.” However, after that you didn’t mention Villain Vanguard, a band that truly exemplifies the term.

In regard to your comments on the best live bands in Fort Worth, I would like to remind readers that the Villain Vanguard c.d. release party at the Moon broke records for highest attendance and bar sales. If you want to speak of bands that put on phenomenal live shows, don’t forget that the live experience the Villains provide has put them on regular rotation at such places as J&J’s Texas Roadhouse and Blues Bar, 8.0, Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, Club Clearview, Curtain Club, and the Gypsy Tea Room. Recently, the Emergenza Music Festival determined the Villains to be one of the top 50 unsigned bands in the country and one of the best live bands in Texas. Also, Villain Vanguard is the only horn band in town, so don’t put them in the same category as JJ and the Rogues.

Just trying to keep things in check.

Ryan Donovan

Fort Worth

Editor’s response: The ‘only horn band in town,’ eh? I bet Latin Express, the Jazz Monsters, and the guys who jam with Myles and James at the Moon would have something to say about that. Anyway, I wouldn’t get too hung up on Music Awards categories — they’re just guidelines, nothing more.

Abandoned Ship

To the editor: Jeff Prince certainly knows the Fort Worth Star-Telegram well (“Sex, Politics, and Journalism,” May 31, 2006), having once been employed there and having the good sense to abandon that “ship of fools” and come to Fort Worth Weekly where he could commit real journalism.

The Star-Telegram has an inherent problem with wanting to be in the limelight at anyone’s expense, with their proclivity to play interference in the political landscape and lambaste those who don’t subscribe to their moralistic standards. It’s no surprise the paper doesn’t have the circulation it once enjoyed.

Delbert Cantrell

Fort Worth

Keep Up the (Tire)


To the editor: Taking one look at the “bike racks” the city installed (“Two Flat Tires,” June 15, 2006) should give a clue as to why Fort Worth is way behind in a bike plan. Duh!

Then just try to breathe this summer as you bike past a new drill rig.

Steve Watson

Fort Worth

To the editor: I wanted to thank you for your “Two Flat Tires” article and to say please, please don’t let this issue die. We who use bikes as transportation need all the visibility we can get. I first became aware of the route plan at the 2004 Clean Air Fair bike rally. The 60 miles of routes were listed as Phase One, to be completed that fall. Then came the delays. Nobody wanted to talk about Phase Two. We are not going to let this end here. “As far as I’m concerned, we’re done” isn’t going to cut it. I hope you will help keep this issue alive as the Weekly has done on so many issues that Fort Worth officials wanted to go away.

Terry Bradley

Fort Worth

To the editor: Dan McGraw’s masterpiece (“Cell-Blocked,” June 21, 2006) ought to be disseminated to the Texas Legislature for immediate perusal and action.

To deny access to the pre-trial release program it governs, the county commissioners are exercising oppression and terroristic tactics and are abetting avarice at the taxpayers’ expense.

State law mandates that signs be posted giving pre-trial information to defendants, but the deliberate procrastination by the county in posting them is simply to appease and give preference to the private bond agents — a perfect fit for the glove of greed.

The private bonding companies, cushioned by the county-provided monopoly, are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

Dee Taylor

Fort Worth

To the editor: Dan McGraw’s chapter on “Cell-Blocked” was political journalism at its best. His informative writing about the political nature of things, particularly at the county level, illustrates the need to investigate the situation and knock a few of these folks off their perches of impunity. They have usurped state law and ostensibly exult in others’ misfortunes. This is nothing less than the classic schadenfreude syndrome in full pendulum swing. The commissioners ought to be held accountable, and terminations should be forthcoming.

Pat Conley

Fort Worth

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