Hearsay: Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Double Happiness, Double Fun

To celebrate its return to good health from a recent fire, Fred’s Texas Café is hosting two appropriately Fred-ish bands on the patio tomorrow (Thursday). Part Southern rock, part Son Volt, and all Pabst Blue Ribbon, Double Happiness is the brainchild of guitarist Brett Bledsoe (formerly of Cervus and Engine of the Ocean) and singer James Dillon (Houston’s Atticus Finch). The band’s primary songwriters, Bledsoe and Dillon began working together about a year ago. The rest of the band — guitarist Paul Reid (Cervus, EOTO), Rob Dibble (Cervus, EOTO), and Rick Sharp (Tractor Trailer) — came on board a couple of months later. The band has been cutting tracks at a home studio but plans to record an official e.p. at a “real” studio “when funds are sufficient,” writes Bledsoe in an e-mail. Now that Double Happiness has a couple of shows under its belt, the band probably won’t be afraid to let some of the PBR do the singin’ and a-playin’ at Fred’s (915 Currie St.; 817-332-0083). Good ol’ boys Helldamncrap are the other band on the bill. ... Say what you will about The Door (521 Rodeo Plaza; 817-624-OPEN). It’s “Christian.” They don’t sell booze. You sometimes gotta wait in line for 40 days and 40 nights to get in. They don’t sell booze. But the nice club can definitely bring the rawk. Case in point: This Saturday, when Myths and Legends play a multi-band bill alongside The Wonderful Façade, Doug Burr, and others. Myths and Legends may have Baby Jesus in their heart (we’re not sure), but they totally indie-rock devil horns. ... I hate to do this — because it’s so easy and I could do it for, like, a hundred years — but I gotta make a recommendation for humorous MySpace surfing. Not a band, no, but a musical phenomenon of sorts. Next time you’re online, Google “Van Damme dance.” Once you’ve downloaded the video, and you’ll definitely know it when you see it, go to your favorite dark band’s MySpace page, click on their darkest tune, and wait for the miracle of synchronicity to happen. “Van Damme,” in case you’re wondering, refers to “Jean-Claude,” a.k.a. The Muscles From Brussels (Bloodsport, Lionheart, Timecop, Universal Soldier, Douchebag), and the “dance,” well, it’s more like he’s trying to wiggle out of a wet suit while being stung by bees. But when he and the music are in synch ... you just gotta see it. I first witnessed the magic while on The February Chorus’ page (www.myspace.com/februarychorus), listening to the band’s famously depressing “On a Train.” There’s a part in which the guitar echoes itself, and as the looped clip played before me on that fateful day, Jean-Claude extended both of his arms in the same direction and kind of tugged repeatedly on an invisible rope — and it was perfectly in time with the rhythm of the song, man! I must’ve sat there in front of my computer, spellbound, for about a half hour. (And, no, I was not ’shrooming.) Just do me a favor and check it out. If you don’t think it’s funny, then you can go to hell.

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