Letters: Wednesday, December 27, 2006
City Hall Bombshell

To the editor: “The Gasfather” by Jeff Prince (Nov. 22, 2006) was a bombshell. His continuing articles about city politics are appreciated by those of us not privy to the “behind the scenes” scenes that run the engine and engineers of city hall.

The old cliché that “politicians are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg” is applicable based on this article. Considering the resumé and pedigree of the Moncrief family with oil and gas, it’s no surprise that the register is working full-time in the interest of making more money for that industry. But to lie and circumvent the taxpayers and decline an interview with Fort Worth Weekly speaks volumes about character. It seems we can no longer trust our elected officials to practice honesty and integrity and to serve the people.

Many thanks to Jeff for his diligence in collecting the facts and publishing them for us.

Pat Conley

Fort Worth

Bard on the Trinity

To the editor: I ask why our responsible city leaders would stand by like mutes and allow the rapacious Trinity Uptown bulldozers to be turned loose on 90 law-abiding, tax-paying businesses struggling to make ends meet. (“Troubled Waters,” Dec. 13, 2006).

What resolution expressing opposition to this flagrant abuse of eminent domain has been passed by the city council, commissioners court, chamber of commerce, or historical preservation group?

What city or county leader other than Chuck Silcox, Clyde Picht, or Rich Connor has voiced opposition?

How does the hymn say it? “Then it is the brave man chooses while the coward stands aside.”

About the murder of King Henry VI by Richard III, Shakespeare put these words of grief and anguish into the mouth of Henry’s bereaved daughter-in-law, Lady Anne, as her tears fell into his stab wounds: “Cursed be the heart that had the heart to do it.”

One wonders what words the bard would put in the mouths of poor, pitiful Trinity Uptown property owners whose lands have been seized by developers and gamblers, perhaps with a casino in mind.

Don Woodard

Fort Worth

Poppin’ Out the Prose

To the editor: Poppycock and horse hockey? Oh, Betty Brink, how you bring out the best in us! Your article, “The Dems Dig Out” (Dec. 6, 2006) — great story! Great read! Outstanding writing. Very informative.

Eddie Griffin

Fort Worth

Bad Air, Bad Prisons

To the editor: Congratulations to Fort Worth Weekly on winning multiple Katie awards, including one to Betty Brink for her series on the Carswell women’s prison. I wouldn’t know anything at all about the facility or its poor treatment of inmates without the Weekly’s work.

Also, belated thanks for Brink’s great September article, “Lost in the Ozone.” Her writing made a lot of us more aware of the impact of poor air quality on us personally and how our state regulators are not working to protect people. She makes technical stuff understandable and always finds interesting people to interview.

Jo Ann Duman


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