Hearsay: Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Prodigal Sons

I’ve tried to hate Oliver Future. I really have. Among my problems with the Los Angeles radio band, formerly from Austin and with two Fort Worth members: their penchant for rockstar poses (which, you can argue, is necessary in the music business, a.k.a. the business of fitting in and not ruffling sartorial feathers), a strong fan base of TCU scenesters and other fickle “art appreciators,” and music that has been through various permutations but has yet to evolve into a singular, signature sound. But the boys’ pluses outweigh their minuses. The five guys don’t take themselves too seriously, they work their asses off, and, most winningly, they put on kick-ass live shows. Were I a real rock writer, firing off screeds from Mt. Rolling Stone or The Temple of SPIN, I probably would dismiss Ollie as just another really proficient, really talented band and figure that their time in the industry wringer makes Pax Futura, the quintet’s new c.d., seem unworthy. But I’m a hack, so I’ll go on the record as saying that you could do worse than salute the band at its c.d. release party Friday at The Moon, 2911 W. Berry St., in Fort Worth, with Eastside Massive and Moss Bluff. For more info, call the club at 817-926-9600 or visit MySpace.com/OliverFuture or OliverFuture.com. ... Speaking of asses being worked until they fall off and/or shoot into space, Flickerstick is one band that’s just impossible to dislike — and that also rawks live. For one thing, yes, they’ve been together for over 10 years now, and they still tour like snot-nosed punks, though the boozing has been kept to a minimum, and frontman Brandin Lea has instituted a curfew. (Just kidding! But not really.) The band’s new c.d., Live From Atlanta, has just been released, and according to the band’s web site, the disc isn’t really live, like, from a packed amphitheatre or anything. Rather, the c.d. was built from songs recorded over a two-day, live-invite session at Tree Sound Studios in Hotlanta — more than 150 Flick fans reportedly turned out each night and hooted and hollered as Lea and company churned out a bunch of tunes, including six new, previously unrecorded tracks. The disc also features “Helicopter,” a song that was recorded in the studio the old-fashioned way and that will serve as the single off the band’s forthcoming album. (Once again, lyricist Lea has resorted to his favorite theme: mass transit. Other transportation-related songs he’s written, both for Flick and his other band, The February Chorus, include “On a Train,” “Cars and Planes,” and “The Tourist.” I don’t know what it all means, but it sure is weird!) Live From Atlanta, which will include three enhanced videos of the session, was engineered by Shawn Grove, the guy who helped produce Sevendust, Collective Soul, Edwin McCain, and other marquee acts. Flickerstick stays home to celebrate the release of its new disc, playing The Aardvark, 2905 W. Berry St., in Fort Worth, on Saturday, with Holy Moly, Stella Rose, and The Novas. For more info, call the club at 817-926-7814 or visit MySpace.com/FlickerstickTarantula or Flickerstick.com.

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