Letters: Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Been Said

To the editor: Finally somebody said it! I was so thrilled to see the review about Joe T’s (Chow, Baby, July 18, 2007). I work in the Stockyards and am always trying to stop the tourists from making the mistake of going there. All the restaurant people in the Stockyards come to my bar, and we could never understand the attraction of that place. Since we know what good Mexican food is and where to get it, we send them to the places you mentioned. Thanks again for finally saying what we all are thinking. (I’m a Chow, Baby fan.)
Holly Bryan
Fort Worth

Spleen, Vented
To the editor: I would like to thank Fort Worth Weekly reporters Jeff Prince and Cole Williams for profiling me in the Metropolis story in the July 18 issue (“Put Down that Beer and Step Away from the Walker”) about the Wal-Mart chain and their “new state law” they claimed requires them to card folks of any age for beer purchase.
Jeff and Cole gave me plenty of time to vent my spleen during our live interview concerning this injustice. Both men did this old geriatric proud. As my daughter would confirm, I have the tenacity of a bulldog.
This was Cole’s inaugural article for the Weekly. He has a superlative mentor in Jeff, who has experience dating to his Star-Telegram days and has earned a reputation for excellence in journalism. Welcome, Cole — I bet you’ll never have a dull moment!
Again I’m grateful that the Weekly brought attention to this virtual watchdog monitoring system that big business is evolving into.
Dee Cantrell
Fort Worth

Lake Time
To the editor: Well done, Mr. McGraw, for your timely and accurate account of the past history, present condition, and possible future of Fort Worth’s own Lake Worth (“Diamond in the Muck,” July 18, 2007)!
Considering the significant growth and expansion of the Northwest quadrant of Tarrant County over the last five years, the expectation of continued substantial growth to the area, and the estimation that Lake Worth could be the geographic center of Fort Worth within 30 years’ time, the article could not have been better timed — for action, that is.
It is indeed time to clean and dredge the 93-year-old lake to prepare the way for the forthcoming generations of families taking up residence in the area. A clean, rejuvenated 3,500-acre lake with multiple picnic and swimming areas will benefit not only the new families but indeed every Fort Worth citizen, not to mention the obvious economic benefits that outside visitors will bring. We owe it to our children, grandchildren, and generations to come to provide a safe, clean environment and better quality of life here.
To answer the obvious question, “How do we pay for such an undertaking?” there is an obvious reply: the Barnett Shale revenues. And because the city owns the lake — as well as the mineral rights under the lake and the surrounding land — it makes perfect sense that a portion of these monies should be designated for this worthy project.
According to Mr. McGraw’s article, the Barnett Shale gas deposits from under and around Lake Worth are expected to produce approximately $200 million for Fort Worth over the next 20 years, much of which has to be spent within the city’s park system, according to city ordinance and federal law. Sounds to me like we’ve got the needed funds already coming in!
Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief has said that he favors improving the water quality and recreation on Lake Worth. Councilman Carter Burdette (whose district includes Lake Worth) has stated that work on Lake Worth needs to be a city priority. So let’s put those words into action and do it!
With a genuine concern and commitment to a better future, and the combined efforts of several citizens and organizations, we can make this endeavor a reality. After all, timing is everything — and the perfect time is now!
Art E. Rogers
Fort Worth

Keep Pounding
To the editor: Keep beating the drum about the Tasers (“Tase-Mania,” July 25, 2007). That thing needs to be in the “obsolete and failed technologies” showcase in a museum somewhere. The only way to get that is to keep screaming about it.
You single-handedly took down malfeasance at the Metroplex Food Bank, and it took several different reports to finally bring public attention to what was going on. Still, the local daily was marginally interested in giving the item column space. I don’t expect the local daily to have any effect with getting rid of Tasers, either.
The Weekly is a necessary and important media source for Fort Worth.
Chris M. Waring

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