Letters: Wednesday, February 04, 2009
Comanche Pique

To the editor: Thank you for your informative piece on the Comanche Peak nuclear plant (“Nuclear Fallout,” Jan. 21, 2009). I know next to nothing about the environmental crisis, but based on the information, from money issues to health issues, I was very moved by your amazing work and the time it must have taken to gather all the information. It was well written and easy to follow. Thank you for your choice of materials and your obvious knowledge of the situation. First-hand knowledge just can’t be beat for this kind of wonderful journalism.
Please keep us up to date as this story — and battle — develops.
Liza Bobo
North Richland Hills

To the editor: I’d like to thank Betty Brink and your publication for her excellent and thorough article on the proposed expansion of Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Station. I only hope that the citizens of Somervell County and the surrounding areas will have a chance to read this important information and consider the serious ramifications of this expansion. Thanks to incisive reportage such as this and people like Juanita Ellis, we citizens are reminded how essential it is that we remain vigilant and active. A lot is at stake. We don’t need nuclear power.
Suzanne Gentling
Glen Rose

To the editor: I was a bit surprised, in your Comanche Peak article, by the lack of comparison so that readers could see how much more nuclear costs. For example, on the internet, at www.taurus-energy.com (look for “investment opportunities in the solar sector”) we can find the cost of making a complete line of solar panel products from “sand to shine” as I call it. Add it all up, and it means that if we build five 0.15-gigawatt solar plants in three years at a cost of $2.75 billion, have six years of production, and produce the batteries needed for backup power and electric vehicles in this same time, we would have the same amount of power as would be produced many times more expensively by the third and fourth units proposed for Comanche Peak.
John Nicholson
Taxpayer Bail-Out
To the editor: I agree with Rick Orton’s letter on Tarrant Appraisal District (Letters, Jan. 7, 2009). This is one taxing entity we could get along without in these tough times. We still have a lot of bailing out in Tarrant County.
True case: A house down the street was appraised by TAD for tax purposes at $110,000 while others in neighborhood appraised at about $90,000, yet the house across street is selling for $49,000. That is real market value — the price someone is willing to pay, not what TAD says for other taxing entities’ purposes.
Yes, the Tarrant Appraisal District needs to be sunsetted out, like many other useless government entities — maybe even the Trinity River Vision project with its earmarked funds. Maybe we could use that money to bail out the taxpayers.
Jack O. Lewis
Haltom City
Bring Back Safe Food
To the editor: Thank you for Carey Hix’s “Eater Beware” guest column (Jan. 28, 2009). Safe food is a right. We need much more oversight and labeling. I’m very impressed with the research Ms. Hix did for this important article. Corporate factory farms and genetically modified organisms are making Americans sick through unhealthy and unsafe foods. Providing more information on the behalf of the public ‘s health is a very good thing for your paper. Rave on, Carey Hix!
Johnny Pate
Fort Worth

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